Live the Dream Tour

Our LTDTF Artists:

The Emotions - Dawnn Lewis - Shanice - Nikkole - Melissa B. - Jody Quine - Ron Deuce - Connor Chee



Benefitting Communities Across America!

The Live The Dream Tour Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that exists to inspire children and community members to discover their passions through music. Music enhances various educational skills and has been proven to be effective in the classroom. It is our sincere aim to partner with organizations whose mission is to strengthen communities by reaching the youth with methods that inspire creatively and entrepreneurship.

Our mission is to use music to educate, heal and unite; unleashing the potential of communities through our artists and mucisians who seek to inspire, empower and motivate. 

We target culturally-diverse youth and young adults from low-income and disadvantaged (or underprivileged) backgrounds in the communities in which they reside.  Our intent is to use music to shape the lives and well-being of at-risk youth and communities.  We take pride in being a positive and influential experience for the next generations of musicians and leaders.

Our foundation aims to enhance the educational and employment achievement of those at-risk youth, as well as to make families and communities stronger and safer.

We support community music-making which results in immense educational and social benefits.  We emphasize team work by reaching out into these communities and bringing people together through our programs.

The Live The Dream Foundation Team